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Project Management At Your Service


Design management

Close monitoring of the design process through its different stages ensuring client requirement have been implemented and all are following the latest technology and in accordance with codes and standards.

Tender management

Side by side with the design management, commence with the tendering and procurement process to engage the best contractors having the proper know-how to execute the project.


Cost Management & Value Engineering

Close monitoring of the cost from inception until completion and undertaking through analysis of each part to spot the alternative options or areas for cost saving with no compromise to the quality.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Tool that enhance the overall process and allows the management to simulate the project in the different stages in addition to avoid abortive works or design.


Environmental Sustainability

Sustainability is a world target to have the best use of current resources without compromise on the needs for the future generations.

Thus must be maintained by specifying the suitable material in the design as well as construction.

Safety and Logistics Management

It's of no doubt that safety is 1st priority and thus we established detailed safety plan to be strictly followed.


Risk Management

Risk management attempts to identify any risk events, minimize their impact, and provide a response if the event is detected.

Stakeholders Management

Establishing effective communication protocol between all stakeholders to ensure all information transferred smoothly at right time to respective personnel.


Construction Management

Monitoring all construction activities in coordination with the supervision consultant ensuring best practice is followed and adherence to project specifications and requirements.

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