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Manage A Project Like a Professional Football Coach

Sports and project management are two industries that many people believe to be very different. However, these two fields have a lot of likenesses that make them similar in the aspects of process, planning, and team building. Thus, project management can bring value to your sports experience from a business perspective.

Athletes and managers have plenty in common. Both must motivate others, manage different expertise, and be adept at multitasking... both focus on the team.

From this point, we can say there are many approaches and topics to be considered.

Keep team focused on the goal

Project management systems provide organizations with the ability to identify, plan, track, control, and report on their projects. They are also responsible for managing and sharing risks, any kind of changes, resources and budgets while collaborating with other departments to deliver the project successfully.

One of the most important factors in building a stadium is selecting the right location.

Stadiums are built with the expectation that they will be providing many different types of entertainment and attracting large crowds, so they need to be located in an area with the highest population density. The stadium should also have sufficient parking, easy access from public transportation, and be accessible from major highways.

At Atrium Project Management (APM), we have the experience and resources to build a stadium that complies to FIFA latest standards. Each stadium can be meant to feature an air-conditioned external seating environment, dedicated VVIP, VIP and hospitality accommodations, all required MEP Services and systems, structure, roof, playing field, team locker rooms, concourses, concessions, toilet rooms, spectator seating, press box, scoreboards and all ancillary support facilities and an External Plaza.

Creating a plan of action for the team

Project management is an important facet of any business, but it is especially critical in the sports industry. Because there are so many moving parts and so much at stake, it is essential to have a clear vision and set of goals in order for everyone involved to be on the same page. The priorities and objectives of a project management team in the sports industry must be aligned with the organization’s goals and strategies.

A project management team should be able to identify and assess opportunities and threats to the organization in order to make better decisions.

The priorities for the Project are:

· Low Carbon Facilities - reducing emissions in a cost-effective, transparent, and accountable manner.

· Sustainable Environmental Legacy - using sustainable materials in supply contracts whenever possible.

· Environmental Compliance - meeting the highest environmental standards and benchmarks.

· Transport and Infrastructure - ensuring that highways, metro, airport, and public transportation are well planned and easily accessible.

· Capacity – It will be able to hold up to 40,000-80,000 people, depending on the event.

· Cooling and shading – The latest green technologies shall be used to keep the stadium cool.

· Safety and security – The Stadium will be a safe and secure environment for all those in attendance.

The Goal:

· To deliver great Projects.

· To promote Football and healthy lifestyles.

· To build quality talent and establish a center of excellence.

· To foster economic diversification and business development.

· To improve Environmental sustainability in the region.

The objectives of our company are aligned with our goals, which are:

· Delivering a project that meets international standards.

· Training quality talent.

· Improving environmental awareness and education.

The control process begins with pre-construction and embraces all aspects of:

Scope Management

Time Management

Value Management

Communication Management

Risk Management

Procurement Management

Stakeholder Management

Change Management

Commercial Management

Visit OUR TEAM page to learn more about the experience and qualifications of our team members in this field.

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